5 Top Tips for Keeping Your Chickens Safe and Warm This Winter

1. Mind the Mudblue hybrid chicken

If your birds have feathery feet then you need to make sure that they are on a clean well drained surface, as they can become infectious if not cleaned.

Chickens can also get balls of mud build up over their nails. To ensure your birds nails will not be harmed these need soaking and carefully removing or they can take the nail off.


2. Decompose the Droppingssussex hen

Decomposing the droppings can become very useful.

Although it is your chicken’s body waste the droppings are still full of nutrients that can make a big difference to your compost.

Alternatively put your coop straight over the veggie patch, just make sure it isn’t too muddy and the water drains away.


3. Watch the Watercolumbian blacktail chicken

Don’t forget that it gets very cold out there and their water may not defrost in the day.

You should either empty the drinker before they go to bed and re fill it in the morning or take it inside for the night. Otherwise your chickens may start to get very thirsty.


4. Hopper Hygienefeeder

Vermin love your chickens feed so make sure you raise it off the ground so they can’t get at it, we recommend hanging it from the coop.

Make sure that the feeding area and run are clean as well, move your coop as often as you can, it gives your birds more to feed on and it keeps them cleaner and healthier.


5. Drop the Doorchicken coop

Foxes are very hungry in the winter and they won’t stop at much, the extra defence is needed. Shutting the door also keeps the cold out, chickens can only take so much, they need dry bedding to nest in and space for them to huddle together.

Make sure there bedding is dry with BioDri, it is a super absorbent powder that soaks up the moisture in your bedding and makes it last for longer.


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