In Celebration of the Egg

Bell Plantation Eggss

We love eggs at the Poultry Centre!

An all-natural source of quality protein and good cholesterol, all for 70 calories. Cost-effective and versatile, the unique nutritional composition of eggs can help meet a variety of nutrient needs for children through to older adults. Nutrition research suggests eggs can play a role in weight management, muscle strength, healthy
pregnancy, brain function, eye health and more.

Of course, collecting the eggs at the Poultry centre has always been part of the fun – and with such a wide variety of egg layers on sale here, there’s something for all tastes.

A perennial favourite is what the Americans call the ‘Easter Egger’. These hybrid hens lay high quality eggs in an astonishing blue colour all the year round.

Like your eggs brown? Try one of our Cou-cou maran hybrids with their speckled honey coloured eggs. If browner is better, try our brown egg specials, laying good size eggs all year round the colour of conkers!

Then of course there is wonderful white – our lovely leghorns lay surprisingly large white eggs (for small birds – ouch!) that go wonderfully in omelettes.

Whatever colour you prefer, if you like the idea of collecting your own flavour of fresh egg on the day it was laid – come have a chat with our knowledgeable poultry team.

If you have any questions about anything Poultry please give us a call and speak to one of our team. Click here to contact us.

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