Prepare for Winter

Chicken On Traditional Free Range Poultry Farm

Early in the month while there is a higher chance of fair weather, check the forecast and look for a couple of dry days, use these days to paint your wooden coop in preparation for the winter weather.

You can give a waterproof finish to the exterior wood using any sort of fence paint, most of which are water based. Old-fashioned creosote can be used (although this is not readily available and will take much longer to dry out) but many poultry keepers prefer to use this as the coal tar and oils present in the formula can help protect against Red Mite. Just be sure to ventilate the coop fully before putting hens back in.
The shorter days of September mean that the ideal time to start painting your coup is early morning to get maximum drying time.
Check all runs, roofs, hinges and catches for signs of wear and tear. Replace and repair anything if required.
Look at providing extra shelter for both the hens and feed stations for the wet winter days to come. The run enclosure should ideally have a section for the bird to hide away in when the rain comes down. As hens spend a lot of time around the feed area, it makes sense for this section of the run to have the rain protection. If you can, hang feed in a sheltered spot, as this will avoid wasting layers pellets that will swell up and block the base of your feeders in wet weather.
If your run is likely to become muddy, look to put down either a deep layer of wood chip or bark. Alternatively, a few concrete slabs are handy and easy to keep clean. Provide extra perches so hens can get their feet out of the mud.

If you need help or advice in getting ready for Winter, give our team of experts a call on 01327 354 126

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