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Prepare for Winter

Early in the month while there is a higher chance of fair weather, check the forecast and look for a couple of dry days, use these days to paint your wooden coop in preparation for the winter weather. You can give a waterproof finish to the exterior wood using any sort of fence paint, most […]

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Caring for your Birds in Hot Weather!

Caring for your Birds in Hot Weather! The average body temperature of a hen is normally around 102 – 103 °f, additionally, their layers of feathers trap the air which retains body heat keeping them well insulated. This natural insulation system is great in cold weather, but makes hot weather much more dangerous for chickens. […]

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If you’re going away on holiday you’ll need a Chicken Sitter!

It’s not just about collection of eggs as many sitters might think. If you are away for a week or longer, some cleaning will probably need to be done. Spend time to show the chicken sitter how you normally do things. As summer is the most likely time for red mite to strike, use plenty […]

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A Beginners Guide to Keeping Poultry

Keeping chickens is really quite easy providing you do your homework and get the right equipment. If you’re trying to decide if keeping chickens is for you, read on. Benefits of keeping chickens Delicious, freshly laid eggs with stunning orange yolks! They feast on garden pests such as slugs and snails, providing organic bug control. […]

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Red Mite Season

Start preventative red mite treatment Red Mite are notoriously difficult to remove once they’ve taken residence. They love the warmer weather and can multiply very quickly; if you don’t treat them you’ll soon have a serious infestation to deal with. If you find mites in your coop treat the coop urgently: Small numbers Wash the […]

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In Celebration of the Egg

We love eggs at the Poultry Centre! An all-natural source of quality protein and good cholesterol, all for 70 calories. Cost-effective and versatile, the unique nutritional composition of eggs can help meet a variety of nutrient needs for children through to older adults. Nutrition research suggests eggs can play a role in weight management, muscle […]

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Out Fox Mr Fox

Your priority this month is to make sure the fencing surrounding your run/coop is in a good state of repair, because from now until early autumn Mr Fox is busy looking for his chicken supper. Cubs are also learning to hunt on their own right now and most likely to pay your chickens a visit […]

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Money Saving Deals on Diatom & Nettex

Summer is approaching, so you’ll need to stock up on those handy cleaning products which help keep red mite at bay. We’ve prepared some fantastic deals on Diatom & Nettex to help you get ready, available exclusively online at www.poultrycentre.co.uk   Diatom Super Saver Bundle Includes: 5kg tub  (£39.99) 450g shaker for refills (£10.99) Buy […]

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6 Frequently Asked Questions about Keeping Chickens

I’ve been looking after chickens at the Bell Plantation since I was 14. Now at the age of 22 I thought I would answer a few of the most common questions people ask me when they come in to get started with chickens.   6 Frequently asked questions about keeping chickens…… 1. Do you need […]

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How to get the best eggs from your birds

As the days get longer your birds will start laying more eggs so here are a few things to help you capitalise on this. 1. Feed The one thing which can directly influence the quality of the eggs your birds produce is the food you give them; it directly effects egg production, egg size, shell […]

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